It is only through the generosity of caring individuals and sponsors that the Celtic Cultural Alliance is able to achieve its mission of promoting and preserving the Celtic culture. This is done in many ways throughout the year, but none bigger than the annual Celtic Classic festival.

The Celtic Classic is entering its 26th year as a FREE event that hosts the US National Highland Games Championships, 4 stages of continuous world class music, pipe band competitions, more than 60 Celtic merchants and a cultural ambiance second to none.

We are striving to keep the Celtic Classic the FREE event it has always been, and your donation will help us do that. We were once asked, what if every person who vistited the Celtic Classic donated $1.00? Simply put, we would be able to keep the Celtic Classic a FREE event without an admission fee. We would be able to continue to provide the level of entertainment and culture to the community for FREE that the Celtic Classic has been famous for.