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Celtic Cultural Alliance is a community organization, enjoyed and owned by the community it serves. Through a myriad of committees and area residents help to shape the Celtic Classic and the other programming activities which define the organization. To provide opportunities for varied corporate partners and individuals, Celtic Cultural Alliance has developed a comprehensive, yet flexible, sponsorship program. Consistent with this philosophy, promotional fees are established through research and diligence to reflect the cost of presenting diverse programming and services to its patrons.

Celtic Cultural Alliance is committed to presenting the finest in Celtic culture, heritage, crafts and other activities to its patrons. By sponsoring a site, a stage, an event or activity at the Celtic Classic, our partners associate themselves with wholesome, family oriented activities, in celebration of the community. With an experienced cadre of dedicated volunteers, our operational goals focus on presenting our partners in a positive public manner. Celtic Cultural Alliance is always available to assist its partners in the creation of promotional activities designed to enhance their sponsorship.


To accommodate the specific needs of our business partner, Celtic Cultural Alliance has constructed its sponsorship package to include a wide price range of benefits options. The list of sponsor benefits grows as the financial commitment of our financial partners increases.


The most valuable commodity an event has is its name. For one sponsor only, Celtic Cultural Alliance will identify the Annual Celtic Classic, with the name of its Title Sponsor. The Title Sponsor’s name shall be included in all public mention, promotion, press releases, advertising and any other media identification, when Celtic Classic is mentioned.


Celtic Cultural Alliance will entertain identifying one business partner as the presenting sponsor of the Celtic Classic. The Presenting Sponsor status is reserved for one company whose name shall be identified with the event. The partner’s name shall be included in all public mention, press releases, advertising and any other media identification. Once officially contracted, the event will be known as the Celtic Classic presented by Celtic Cultural Alliance and “ABC Company”. For either Title Sponsor or Presenting Sponsor, each time any media uses the event name, it must identify the Title or Presenting Sponsor. This offers tremendous name recognition and visibility for our Title/Presenting Sponsor to build brand loyalty and product awareness. This recognition can distinguish that sponsor and its products from its competitors.


By entitlement, we mean a sponsor’s name shall be identified as part of the site, state, festival or organizational activity’s name. The Sponsor’s name will appear in all promotional brochures, programs, advertising, etc., in association with the site, stage or activity sponsored, where applicable. This is an open sponsorship and not entitled to one particular soponsor.

Entitlement sponsorships allow a company’s name to be linked with a specific site, stage or activity at the event, as an example, “The ABC Tavern” or “The ABC education program”.

ENTITLEMENT SPONSORSHIP opportunities may include:

  • The Glen
  • The Piping Grove
  • Celtic Classic Invitational Pipe Band Competition


Major Sponsorship categories identify those sponsors who participate in a very visible manner or are associated with major activities occurring at the Celtic Classic. This category of sponsorship may be performance area where music and dance will be presented, an athletic competition, a demonstration of sheep herding dogs, a culture series presentation, children’s activities, etc. A Major Sponsorship allows a company sponsor’s name to be identified with a specific performance or event, both in print and verbally through introduction and recognition from our stages.

MAJOR SPONSORSHIP opportunities may include:

  • Individual Highland Athletic Events
  • Drum Major Competition
  • Celtic Classic Parade
  • Grand Pavillion
  • and many other venues


This level of sponsorship associates a different sponsor with an athlete, band or specific entertainer performing at the Celtic Classic. The sponsor’s name will be recognized in all areas related to this individual or group. In addition, the sponsor will be recognized prior to the performance or competition.

Identification Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Celtic Athlete
  • Entertainment
  • Fiddle Competition
  • Border Collie Exhibition
  • Pipe Bands

There are many opportunities to participate as a sponsor at the Celtic Classic. The preceding pages are just an overview of some of the sponsorship opportunities. This information should only serve as a guide to assist in structuring a sponsorship that works for you both financially and philosophically.

Sponsorship of Celtic Cultural Alliance activities can provide sponsors with visibility, sales opportunities, media attention, hospitality and many other benefits. Based on the sponsor’s objectives and the flexibility created by Celtic Cultural Alliance, a sponsor can choose to create their own benefits package.

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